Sunday, November 27, 2005

Acronis True Image Lessons Learned

When restoring a backup to a new hard drive, make sure you use the Rescue Disk that you are supposed to create initially.  I spent probably 3 or 4 hours trying to restore a backup image of my system partition to a new hard drive before the main drive failed completely only to find out that Acronis has a bug or something where it will not clone a drive correctly inside the Windows UI.

Using the Window UI, I tried to clone the disk to the new drive, but once the system rebooted the image was never cloned.  It would simply go through the motions like it was going to and claim success during bootup after only moments (way too short to clone 50 gb of data).  Next, I created a new image of my hard drive, then tried to restore the image to the new drive.  This partially worked as the image was indeed restored, only it was restored unbootable.

Finally, I used the rescue disk.  I again tried the cloning feature and this time since a reboot was not necessary it worked just fine.  This was really kind of annoying since all the backup images I made were for naught as they were not restored to a new drive correctly.