Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monitoring in Windows Azure

For the last year since leaving Microsoft, I have been deeply involved in building a world class SaaS monitoring service called AzureOps.  During this time, it was inevitable that I see not only how to best monitor services running in Windows Azure, but also see the common pitfalls amongst our beta users.  It is one thing to be a Technical Evangelist like I was and occasionally use a service for a demo or two, and quite another to attempt to build a business on it.

Monitoring a running service in Windows Azure can actually be daunting if you have not worked with it before.  In this coming series, I will attempt to share the knowledge we have gained building AzureOps and from our customers.  The series will be grounded in these 5 areas:

  1. Choosing what to monitor in Windows Azure.
  2. Getting the diagnostics data from Windows Azure
  3. Interpreting diagnostics data and making adjustments
  4. Maintaining your service in Windows Azure.

Each one of these areas will be a post in the series and I will update this post to keep a link to the latest.  I will use AzureOps as an example in some cases to highlight both what we learned as well as the approach we take now due to this experience.

If you are interested in monitoring your own services in Windows Azure, grab an invite and get started today!.