Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back from PDC and TechEd Europe

I am back from TechEd EU (and PDC)!  It was a long and exciting last few weeks getting first ready for PDC and then flying to Germany to deliver a couple sessions.  It was a great, if not hectic experience for the last few weeks.  For PDC, I had a part to play in the keynote demos as well as the PDC Workshop on the following Saturday.  Those two things together took more time than I would care to admit.  Once PDC was a wrap, I got to start building my talks for TechEd EU.

You can find both of my talks on the TechEd Online Site and embedded below.  The embedding doesn't work great on the blog because of layout issues I need to fix, but RSS readers should have a better time.

Thanks to everyone who attended these sessions in person and all the nice comments.  I have almost completely recovered my voice at this point - my cold last just the duration of the trip of course!



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