Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Collectible Edition of Our Book

Occasionally, I will check online to see the reviews for our book.  It is now almost 4 years old and a bit outdated with respect to the changes that came with .NET 3.5.  The website and forums however has been trucking along (thanks Joe!) these years.  We never sold a ton of books about this particular niche topic, but for the audience size, it wasn't too shabby.  Joe and I are not about to retire on our royalties, however.

I was a bit surprised to see this online however at Amazon:


Now, it is a bit silly for two reasons, a.) our book as a collectible, really?  Who would actually collect it?  and b.) It says it was signed by both authors.  Now, there is a slight chance it is authentic as I think Joe and I signed maybe 2 books together ever.  However, the odds of it being authentic are exceedingly slim.  Who knows. it's funny regardless.