Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do you Incarnate?

It wasn't too long ago when Karsten Januszewski came to my office looking for a Windows Azure token (back when we were in CTP).  I wondered what cool shenanigans the MIX team had going.  Turns out it was for the Incarnate project (explained here).  In short, this service finds all the different avatars you might be using across popular sites* and allows you to select an existing one instead of having to upload one again and again.


You will note that there is another 'dunnry' somewhere on the interwebs, stealing my exclusive trademark.  I have conveniently crossed them out for reference. ;)

Since the entire Incarnate service is running in Windows Azure, I was interested in Karsten's experience:

We chose Windows Azure to host Incarnate because there was a lot of uncertainty in traffic.  We didn't know how popular the service would be and knowing that we could scale to any load was a big factor in choosing it.

I asked him how the experience was, developing for Windows Azure

There is a ton of great documentation and samples.  I relied heavily on the Windows Azure Platform Kit as well as the samples in the SDK to get started.  Once I understood how the development environment worked and how the deployment model functioned, I was off and running. I'd definitely recommend those two resources as well as the videos from the PDC for people who are getting started.

I love it when I hear that.  Karsten was able to get the Incarnate service up and running on Windows Azure easily and now he is scale-proof in addition to the management goodness that is baked into Windows Azure.

Checkout more about Incarnate and Karsten's Windows Azure learning on the MIX blog.


*turns out you can extend this to add a provider for any site (not just the ones that ship in source).