Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deploying Applications on Windows Azure

There has been a bit of interest in an application called 'myTODO' that we built for the World Partner Conference (WPC) event back in July.  It is a simple, yet useful application.  The application allows you to create and share lists very easily.  It integrates with Twitter, so if you decide to share your lists, it will tweet them and their updates automatically.  You can also subscribe to lists using standard RSS if Twitter isn't your thing.


The funny thing is that we only built this app because we wanted something more interesting than the standard "Hello World" application.  The entire purpose of the app was to show how easily you can deploy an application (in just mins) on Windows Azure.

You can learn more about this application in 3 ways:

  1. Get the deployment package and deploy this yourself using our demo script from the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit.  You will find it in the Demos section and called "Deploying Windows Azure Services".
  2. Watch me show how the app works and how to deploy it by watching my screencast.
  3. Download the source code and see how we built the rich dynamic UI and how we modeled the data using tables.