Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Internet Connection Sharing is Amazing

I am on the road this week, working from a hotel and Starbucks primarily.  My hotel provides a wireless connection throughout the building which is a great thing.  The downside is that it basically dies in the evening when everyone gets to the hotel and slows the pipe to a trickle.  The other major downside is that it is incompatible with Microsoft VPN software.  What to do?

I recently switched phone providers from T-Mobile to AT&T.  The reason for this was actually quite simple:  It was waaay cheaper to switch to AT&T, get a brand new Blackjack 2 phone along with the 3G network offered there (T-Mobile is GPRS only right now) than to remain a T-Mobile customer.

I remember reading from Omar about using ICS with the Blackjack 2, so I give it a try.

Wow, the AT&T 3G network is amazingly fast (~863 Kb/s down, ~281 Kb/s up) for a phone.  But more to the point, it is faster and more reliable that the hotel wireless, plus it lets me VPN into work to boot.  That feature alone is worth the price of admission.  It's a shame that the Blackjack 2 doesn't have any way of getting Hotmail into your messaging app or that they didn't include ICS by default.  But, using the hack that Omar pointed out goes a long way to fixing some of it.  Very nice...