Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Jobs speaks out on DRM

Steve Jobs put an open letter out today outlining his position on DRM.  While commendable, it rings a bit hollow.  Jobs certainly comes across as being anti-DRM.  He points out that if music labels would license the music DRM-free, Apple would "embrace it in a heartbeat".

Uhh... yeah.  So let me get this straight:  If music labels made available unrestricted content, that we know consumers want, you would offer it?  It has nothing to do with the fact that you would be forced to because your user base would immediately defect to the competition if you didn't?

A more honest approach would be to simply to admit that the popular iPod has an exclusive eco-system due to DRM that you would be loathe to give up unless barriers to entry (aka DRM) were removed.  In which case, you pretty much would be an idiot to offer DRM (a feature no one only idiots wants) when your competition has no such restriction.

Well, here's hoping that the endless mass of i-lemmings listen to the almighty Jobs and push harder to free your music.