Monday, January 29, 2007

Free T-Mobile HotSpot Access

Users of Windows Vista (of which I am) are entitled to receive 90 free days of T-Mobile Wifi access at any HotSpot location starting today.  Since there are like 2.8 billion Starbucks locations in the US alone (all of which are HotSpots), this means you have pretty good chances of being able to redeem this offer (at least in Seattle where approximate 1.3 billion of those Starbucks are located).

I signed up today thinking there would be an elaborate process to confirm that I was running Vista.  I was imaging some applet like that horrid WGA (Windows Genuine pain-in-the-Ass) that keeps popping up everywhere.  Luckily, no such garbage.  In fact, it appears that T-Mobile is validating eligibility by a simple browser agent check.  While the average user might not know how to change that browser string, you can bet a number of users do know how (Firefox has some great ones).  I suppose T-Mobile doesn't really care too much at this point or they would have done it differently.