Friday, July 28, 2006

A Good FTP Program

Omar asks is anyone knows of a good FTP program in this post.  Similar to Omar, I was getting sick of the nagging that SmartFTP performed each time I started it.  Even more annoying was when it refused to launch (ala Reflector.NET) until I performed an upgrade.  I asked around and everyone and their brother recommended FileZilla.  I suppose I am the lone voice of dissent on this one.  I actually tried to like FileZilla, but had to uninstall it rather quickly.  It just didn’t do things like I expected.  I couldn’t drag items into windows and back, and other assorted quirks that I forget now.  I really wanted to like it, but just couldn’t.

I almost went back to SmartFTP until someone mentioned Novell’s NetDrive application.  I tried this and never looked back.  It is a simple idea really.  It maps a drive to a remote FTP location and you use Windows Explorer like you would anything else.  It works great.  If you were to type “Novell Netdrive” into your favorite search engine, you would find plenty of places that host this particular very handy app.