Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PhluffyFotos Sample Available

I just posted the first version of PhluffyFotos, our SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) sample app to CodePlex.  PhluffyFotos is a photo sharing site that allows users to upload photos and metadata (tags, description) to SSDS for storage.  As the service gets more features and is updated, the sample will be rev'd as well.

Points of interest that will likely also be blog posts in themselves:

  • This sample has a LINQ-to-SSDS provider in it.  You will notice we don't use any strings for queries, but rather lambda expressions.  I had a lot of fun writing the first version of this and I would expect that there are a few more revisions here to go.  Of course, Matt Warren should get a ton of credit here for providing the base implementation.
  • This sample also uses a very simplistic ASP.NET Role provider for SSDS.  Likely updates here will include encryption and hashing support.
  • We have a number of Powershell cmdlets included for managing authorities and containers.

I have many other ideas for this app as time progresses, so you should check back from time to time to see the updates.

In case anyone was wondering about the name: clouds are fluffy... get it?

You need to have SSDS credentials to run this sample.  If you don't have credentials yet, you can see an online version until then at

Even if you don' t have access to SSDS credentials yet, the code is worth taking a look.