Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Windows Azure Storage Features

Some new features related to blob and table storage were announced on the forum today.  The key features announced were:

  1. Transactions support for table operations (batching)
  2. Copy Blob API (self explanatory)
  3. Updated GetBlockList API now returns both committed and uncommitted block lists

There are some more details around bug fixes/changes and timeout updates as well.  Refer to the announcement for more details.

The biggest impact to developers at this point is that to get these new features, you will need to include a new versioning header in your call to storage.  Additionally, the StorageClient library has not been updated yet to reflect these new APIs, so you will need to wait for some examples (coming from Steve) or an update to the SDK.  You can also refer to the MSDN documentation for more details on the API and roll your own in the meantime.