Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Launching MyAzureStorage.com

Things are getting crazy here at Microsoft getting ready for PDC.  I haven't had much time to blog or tweet for that matter.  However, I am taking a break from the grind to announce something I am really excited about - a sample TableBrowser service we are hosting for developers at MyAzureStorage.com.

We built this service using ASP.NET MVC on a rich AJAX interface.  The goals of this service were to provide developers to an easy way to create, query, and manage their Windows Azure tables.  What better way to host this than on a scalable compute platform like Windows Azure?

Create and Delete Tables

If you need to create or manage your tables, you get a nice big list of the ones you have.


Create, Edit, and Clone your Entities

I love being able to edit my table data on the fly.  Since we can clone the entity, it makes it trivial to copy large entities around and just apply updates.


Query Entities

Of course, no browser application would be complete without being able to query your data as well.  Since the ADO.NET Data Services syntax can be a little unfamiliar at first, we decided to go for a more natural syntax route.  Using simple predicates long with OR, AND, and NOT operations, you can easily test your queries.


Display Data

Lastly, we have tried to make showing data in Windows Azure as convenient as possible.  Since data is not necessarily rectangular in nature in Windows Azure tables, we have given you some options:  First, you can choose the attributes to display in columns by partition.  Next, you expand the individual entity to show each attribute.


Please note:  during login you will need to supply your storage account name and key.  We do not store this key.  It is kept in an encrypted cookie and passed back and forth on each request.  Furthermore, we have SSL enabled to protect the channel.

The service is open for business right now and will run at least until PDC (and hopefully longer).  Enjoy and let me know through the blog any feedback you have or issues you run into.