Thursday, April 9, 2009

Azure Training Kit and Tools Update

Are you looking for more information about Azure Services (Windows Azure, SQL Services, .NET Services, etc.)?  How about some demos and presentations?  What about a great little MMC tool to manage all your .NET Services?  Great news - it's here:

Azure Services Training Kit - April Update

clip_image001Today we released an updated version of the Azure Services Training Kit.   The first Azure Services Training Kit was released during the week of PDC and it contained all of the PDC hands-on labs.   Since then, the Azure Services Evangelism team has been creating new content covering new features in the platform.

The Azure Services Training Kit April update now includes the following content covering Windows Azure, .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services:

· 11 hands-on labs - including new hands-on labs for PHP and Native Code on Windows Azure.

· 18 demo scripts - These demo scripts are designed to provide detailed walkthroughs of key features so that someone can easily give a demo of a service

· 9 presentations - the presentations used for our 3 day training workshops including speaker notes.

The training kit is available as an installable package on the Microsoft Download Center. You can download it from

Azure Services Management Tools - April Update

The Azure Services Management Tools include an MMC SnapIn and Windows PowerShell cmdlets that enable a user to configure and manage several Azure Services including .NET Access Control Services, and the .NET Workflow Service. These tools can be helpful when developing and testing applications that use Azure Services. For instance, using these tools you can view and change .NET Access Control Rules, and deploy and view workflows.

You can download the latest management tools from