Thursday, March 19, 2009

Changes to SDS Announced

Well, it is a bit of old news at this point:  the SDS team has broken the silence and announced the change from SOAP/REST to a full relational model over TDS.  First, I wanted to say I am super-excited about this change (and I really mean 'super', not in the usual Microsoft sense).  I believe that this will be a net-positive change for the majority of our customers.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard customers say, "well, SDS is great. but, I have this application over here that I want to move to the cloud and I don't want to re-architect to ACE".  Or, "my DBAs understand SQL - why can't you just give me SQL?".  We listen, really.  The feedback was loud and clear.

It may be a tiny bit contentious that this change comes with the removal of the SOAP and REST interfaces.  However, if you really love that flex model, you can get it in Windows Azure tables.

I know I have been pinged a few times to ask if the announcement is the reason for my change from SDS to Windows Azure.  The honest answer is not really.  The real reason for my change is that my group had a small re-org and the former Windows Azure tech evangelist moved up and took on higher level responsibilities (he is now my manager).  That, combined with the changes to SDS made it a natural transition point to move.  Zach Owens has now moved into my group and is looking after SDS - as the former SQL Server evangelist, it makes perfect sense for Zach to take this role now as SDS is now SQL Server in the cloud.

I would expect to see close collaboration between Windows Azure and SDS as this is the killer combination for so many applications.  If you want to know more about the changes and specific details, I would try to catch Nigel Ellis' talk at MIX09 this year or watch it online afterwards.  I will update this post with a specific link once Nigel gives his talk.

Updated:  Nigel's talk is here.