Friday, November 14, 2008

Fixing the SDS HOL from Azure Training Kit

If you downloaded the Azure Services Training Kit (which you should), you would find a compilation error on some of the SQL Data Services HOLs.


The error is somewhat self-explanatory:  the solution is missing the AjaxControlToolkit.  The reason that this file is missing is not because we forgot it, but rather our automated packaging tool was trying to be helpful.  You see, we have a tool that cleans up the solutions by deleting the 'bin' and 'obj' folders and any .pdb files in the solution before packaging.  In this case, it killed the bin directory where the AjaxControlToolkit.dll was deployed.

To fix this error, you just need to visit AjaxControlToolkit project on CodePlex and download it again.  The easiest way is to download the, extract the 'Bin' directory and copy it in to the root of the solution you are trying to use.

Sorry about that - we will fix it for our next release.

(updated: added link)