Thursday, September 4, 2008

PhluffyFotos v2 Released

We have just released an updated version of the SSDS sample application called 'PhluffyFotos'.  Clouds are fluffy and this is a cloud services application - get it?  This sample application is a ASP.NET MVC and Windows Mobile application showing how to build a photo tagging and sharing site using our cloud data service, SSDS.  For this update:

  • Updated to MVC Preview 4.  We have removed hardcoded links and used the new filtering capability for authorization.  Of course, Preview 5 was just (and just) released as we were putting this out the door.  I might update this to Preview 5 later, but it will not be a big deal to do so. 
  • Updated to add thumbnail support.  Originally, we just downloaded the entire image and resized to thumbnail size.  This drags down performance in larger data sizes, so we fixed it for this release.
  • Updated to use the SSDS blob support.  Blob support was recently added with the latest sprint.  Previously, we were using the 'base64Binary' attributes to store the picture data.  With the new blob support, you supply a content type and content disposition, which will be streamed back to you on request. 
  • Updated to use the latest SSDS REST library.  This library gives us the ability to use and persist CLR objects to the service and use a LINQ-like query syntax.  This library saved us a ton of time and effort in building the actual application.  All the blob work, querying, and data access was done using this library.

The sample is available for download at CodePlex, and a live version is available to play with at  I am opening this one up to the public to upload photos.  Maybe I am playing with fire here, so we will see how well it goes.  Keep in mind that this is a sample site and I will periodically blow away the data.  The live version has an added feature of integrating a source code viewer directly into the application.