Monday, March 31, 2008

Interested in SQL Server Data Services?

Are you a Ruby on Rails (RoR) shop?  PHP shop?  Java shop? Are you a web startup using open source technologies to build your services?

Great news,  we have a limited number of seats available for folks like you to get firsthand exposure to our new HTTP-based (SOAP and REST) data service:  SQL Server Data Services (SSDS).  You will get early access to the service and the chance to influence the service itself.

We are interested in getting some feedback from people like you that don't necessarily use Microsoft technologies.  If you can connect using HTTP, you can use SSDS, so there are very few client limitations here.

How to get involved

If you are one of those non-.NET developers that sees value in utility storage and query processing, send me an email to dpesdr (AT)

In your email, please tell me about your company and about your product where you think SSDS might fit.  We will review your email and follow up with more information.


When: April 24-25th, 2008
Where:  Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus 


This is a free event but seating is limited - you must have a confirmed reservation to attend this event.  Attendees are responsible for any transportation or lodging costs.  Microsoft will provide breakfast, lunch, and light snacks during the event.  You are responsible for your own dinner expenses.

About SQL Server Data Services

SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) is a highly scalable web facing data storage and query processing utility. Built on robust SQL Server database technology, these services provide high availability and security and support standards-based web protocols and interfaces (SOAP, REST) for rapid provisioning and ease of programming. Businesses can store and access all types of data from birth to archival and sers can access information on any device, from the desktop to a mobile device.

Key Features and Solution Benefits

Application Agility for quick deployment
•    Internet standard protocols and Interfaces (REST, SOAP).
•    Flexible data model with no schema required.
•    Simple text base query model.
•    Easy to program to from any programming environment.
On-Demand Scalability
•    Easy storage and access. Pay as you grow model.
•    Scales as data grows.
•    Web services for provisioning, deployment, and monitoring.
Business-Ready SLA
•    Built on robust Microsoft SQL Server database and Windows server technologies.
•    Store and manage multiple copies of the data for reliability and availability.
•    Back up data stored in each data cluster. Geo-redundant data copies to ensure business continuity.
•    Secure data access to help provide business confidentiality and privacy.