Thursday, May 17, 2007

Architect Evangelist

This blog has been quiet for some time now as my career took an unexpected twist.  I am excited to announce that I accepted a position with Microsoft on their Evangelism team.  My area of focus will be the web platform and all surrounding various technologies.  My first day with my new team was on Tuesday, and I am excited to get moving, ramp up, and start to contribute.

As for this blog... I am not sure yet what will happen.  I expect I will just keep it and use it more as a personal outlet with continued directory services technical posts.  I imagine I will most likely also get a blog on the MSDN blogging site that will remain purely technical and related to my particular job.

On a personal note, I spent 3 good years with my last employer, Avanade.  It was a difficult decision to leave behind a lot smart and very talented folks and a great consulting company.  Ultimately, it came down to me wanting to try a new career, that while technical, was a change in direction from consulting.