Tuesday, February 20, 2007

KJAM is finally back and i-mate still sucks!

What's 5 months amongst friends, really? Did I mention that i-mate sucks?

It turns out that the original repair company from Florida, TOPP Solutions was booted by i-mate for poor repair service and the contract was re-awarded to PocketPC Techs (makers of WriteSHIELD). The best I can figure it, TOPP had been sitting on my phone for some months and not repairing it while they were going through turmoil with i-mate. Naturally, they just sent the phone over to PocketPC Techs with no information. This also delayed the repair a bit since then I had to contact the new repair place and update them on what the phone issue was as well as where to ship the damn thing.

Why was this ultimately i-mate's problem? Some people might wonder why I am not more pissed at TOPP than i-mate. The fact of the matter is that i-mate is ultimately responsible for their product and should stand behind it. After the first month, they should have just sent me a new phone or at least a loaner while it was being repaired. I contacted i-mate about this after the 4th month asking for a replacement or a refund and here is what they had to say:

Also, regarding the replacement and the refund, we would like to inform you that as i-mate company Head Office, we do not sell our i-mateā„¢ devices directly to our end users or customers but through our authorized distributors and resellers, so we cannot replace or refund your device.

That is a really original excuse: "we didn't sell it directly to you, so we can't do anything for you". Apparently i-mate believes that they are not responsible for the customer relationship. You can be sure I won't be purchasing an i-mate again and I really look forward to seeing that company go out of business.