Sunday, December 17, 2006

Moved to Seattle

Well, I have been keeping this quiet for about 2 months now, but my wife and I finally are in Seattle and (somewhat) settled in our new apartment in downtown.  Travel had become too much in my work and I was missing way too much time with my wife.  Some people I know can deal with that type of relationship, but together we decided it was just not healthy to see each other only 2 days a week for 18 months.  My wife had no problem getting a job in the area and I simply transferred offices.  Avanade was really good in this regard about working with me and making the transition easy.

I had moved from Seattle after high school to go to college in Cleveland.  That was where I met my wife and we had lived for the last 12 years.  In moving back, I thought it would be fun if I didn't tell my family and made it a surprise.  It was fun seeing the look on their faces as they realized I wasn't just in town for a Microsoft conference and it wasn't a 'corporate' apartment I was staying in.  The slow realization that something wasn't right as they noticed the china and wedding pictures was great.

We are both excited to be here - Seattle is a much better city than Cleveland in so many ways.  But, it is bittersweet in many ways as well.  We left behind a lot of good friends and my wife's family as well.

Now that I am a bit more settled, I will be more responsive to emails and questions on the forums.