Thursday, May 11, 2006

DotNetDevGuide to Directory Services Companion Site Launched

With very little fanfare, I am announcing that the companion site for ‘The .NET Developer’s Guide to Directory Services Programming’ is available now.  We have managed to snag a fairly relevant domain name for it and rushed to put out a Community Server based site (a review on this tool later perhaps).  You can find it here:

Directory Programming .NET

Our first order of business is to get the code samples out there.  Right now, we have released what I term the ‘raw’ samples as they are verbatim from the book (available here).  The samples are still a great start even though they are slightly truncated in some cases.  The truncation will only affect the more sophisticated examples we have in the book that would have taken pages of code to print in entirety.

My next order of business is to finish converting all the book samples into a more easy to consume test harness release.  I say ‘test-harness’ in a loose manner as TDD guys will probably not be satisfied.  I have put together ad-hoc test cases for each of the non-trivial samples in the book and modified them to work with configuration (so you don’t have to hardcode your domain over and over again, for instance).  This is taking some time, but should be done shortly.  Once this is done, you can use TestDriven.NET or NUnit to run these guys pretty easily.

Future plans for the site include more and more samples (not from the book necessarily) as well as a place for us to publish errata and updates as we find them.  We have enabled the forums feature as of now and will gauge its usefulness as we go.

My co-author Joe is on the hook to convert all the samples to VB.NET.  I don’t particularly envy him – we didn’t realize how many frickin samples we had until we tried to put them all together.  He has his work cut out for him.

As for when you can get your hands on a copy of the book.  The answer is… now.  It is in stock at Addison-Wesley and Amazon and other retailers should have it stocked any time now.  Brick and mortar stores will be last, but should be in the next week or so.  Of course, purchasing it through my Amazon link on this site or the companion site would be appreciated since we are running this companion site out of our own pockets.