Friday, March 31, 2006

DEC 2006 Wrap Up and Presentation Material

Joe and I had a great time on Wednesday presenting our talk on Directory Services Programming in .NET.  Being the first time that we have ever presented together, we did no know exactly how it would work out.  All in all, we felt it went pretty well.  Thanks to everyone that attended!

One of the cool parts for us was that our publisher sent over some draft copies of the book.  We knew our publisher was sending something, but we had thought it was a sample chapter or two.  It was quite surprising to open the box and find the full text!  Seeing your hard work in print for the first time almost gives you goose bumps.

As promised, I am attaching the presentation material to this post.  It includes the updated presentation that we used as well as all the samples that we used during it.  We actually did not get to one of the samples called Dirsync, which allows us to poll the directory periodically for updates, so check it out.

If anyone has questions on these samples or the topic itself, Joe and I can be reached through the MS newsgroups or the ASP.NET Forums.  I would also suggest checking out what I consider useful System.DirectoryServices resources.  I will try to keep that updated as I find more.