Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On Installing DasBlog

Heeding Scott’s advice, I decided to install DasBlog last weekend.  I had expected the installation to take some time, so I was not really prepared when I had DasBlog up and running in approximately 10 mins.  With the help of DotText2DasBlog, most of the content was moved over automatically.  I say mostly, because the tool was unable to move all the content and I did not feel like digging into the source to figure out why.

Why did I move?  I wanted a change and an update from my very old version of .Text.  However, I was not interested in installing all of CS including the forums and picture gallery.  I also wanted to break the SQL Server dependency.

All in all, DasBlog appears to be a very finely tuned and specific app for a single user blog.  I love the XCOPY deployment and the management is a snap.  I was blown away by how fast it was to get up and running.  Great job guys.