Monday, July 18, 2005

Finally purchased BlogJet

Posting to this blog using the web front-end on .Text got pretty old, pretty fast.  I explored a number of options including wBloggar and BlogJet.  I finally settled on purchasing BlogJet, even though wBloggar was free.  There were enough compelling features that I felt justified in purchasing this product.  At some level, perhaps I also thought that it would make me sit down and actually blog more… we’ll see on that one though.

Now, I have to admit to something… I actually had to crack the BlogJet protection in order to evaluate it.  I had downloaded it some time ago, and was unable to use it because of proxy settings it did not support.  I was unable to use it for any of the first 30 days.  The developer was nice enough to send me a file that ‘reset’ BlogJet for another 30 days.  In the mean time, the proxy settings would still not let me post (but wBloggar worked fine) despite a slight rev for BlogJet.  I ended up sitting on BlogJet for months until I moved clients and got away from the proxy setup that was causing me issues.  In the meantime, my evaluation had expired again!  Instead of bugging the developer again for yet another extension, I just downloaded a keygen and evaluated it for the next 2 weeks.

After I got some real use from it, I decided that I would like to continue to use it and I purchased it.  My thoughts were that I would like to compare it to wBloggar and see which one was better.  If I didn’t like BlogJet, I intended to just uninstall it and go with the free solution.  It turned out that I preferred BlogJet and now I am an owner… hopefully the developer understands.  I think it benefited us both.