Monday, July 11, 2005

DsCrackNames in .NET

As I alluded to some time ago in my previous post, entitled “Enumerating Token Groups (tokenGroups) in .NET” there is another method to converting the collection of SIDs obtained from the ‘tokenGroups’ attribute.

An API is available to us that can conveniently convert all the SIDs in one call to a number of different formats for us.  There is a bit of pre-work involved to define the signature, setup some structures and whatnot, but it is very slick once you have it working.

I decided that a sample would be in order to demonstrate this one.  So here it is.

The usual caveats apply – this is not production code and I am an embarrassingly bad WinUI designer so give me a break.  The point of this exercise is to show you how to use this particular API in a somewhat practical sample.

Enjoy.  Feedback is welcomed.