Friday, May 13, 2005

Broadcast Flag Commentary

I was reading a commentary on the recent smackdown by the courts of the FCC's proposed broadcast flag. The article generally descibes the craptacular nature of the broadcast flag, but worries about what replacement the MPAA and broadcasters will ram through Congress (with the help of their shills) instead. The idea that the broadcast flag just dies and nothing replaces it is not too likely. Assuming that might actually happen, there was a witty little passage:

Now lets assume that nothing else happens: Congress backs off and nothing replaces the Broadcast Flag. At that point we get to play a game of chicken with the broadcasters. While most believe that broadcasters are actually too smart to follow through with such threats, they have threatened to cease broadcasting in HD if something akin to the Broadcast Flag isnt implemented. They argue that without a Broadcast Flag there is insufficient protection of their high-quality programming.

Perhaps thats why theyve replaced all their high-quality programming with Reality TV. Their thought? Nobody will want to send copies of a B-list actors brother giving roses to desperate, attention-craved women.

My sentiments exactly...